I am not a banana

Just now I was on msn with a friend and I asked her about something she wrote as her personal message which was in Chinese, she was shocked that I could understand what she wrote.

I always think I am quite a typical Malaysian Chinese Chinese, but there are some people who think that I am a ‘westernized’ one. They think I only read English books and listen to English songs because I don’t understand Chinese. Although I am always happy to have people thinking that I am a non-Chinese educated Chinese (because that would mean my English still cukup makan), it is sometimes frustrating to have to handle people who question the standard of my Chinese.
These are some of the FAQs:
1. Why do you sound strange when you speak in Mandarin?
I really would like to beg to differ, I speak Mandarin since the age of five and I use Mandarin everyday, why would my Mandarin sound strange? The only reason I could think of is because I am not fluent in speaking other dialects (my Cantonese and Hokkien are always out of tune), hence I don’t develop that common accent many Malaysian Chinese speaking people have.
2. Why do you sound weird when you sing Mandarin songs?
I agree to this statement. I don’t know why but I do sound weird when I sing Mandarin songs. I could not pronounce certain words especially words end with ‘ie’ or ‘ian’. *aiks*
3. Do you know Chinese?
I know. I am from Chinese school so I went through formal Chinese classes for 13 years.
I even have got people challenging me to pronounce certain common Chinese characters thinking that I could not read Chinese at all. I really look that ‘cha’ meh??? I love this language so much that I always wish my future husband knows Chinese (a bit also doesn’t matter, as long as can understand simple Chinese, my requirement is not high~) and my children would be sent to Chinese schools.
I am not a banana!!

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