Normal and Abnormal

Many would have read or heard about the recent bully case that was posted in the Facebook and Youtube. I was a little bit taken aback when I knew that the victim is mentally challenged and this was not the first time she was bullied. Her parents launched complaints to the school, but the school suggested the parents to transfer the girl to another school since she is a special child.

I was really sad hearing this, because that was what happened to Seng Jae. He was not bullied like the girl, but he was once asked to get a transfer to another school because of his special condition.
Because of having a special child as my brother, I am exposed to a lot of issues that normal families don’t face. I realized the world is a world of majority. Majority is normal. Majority is superior. Well minority, they do not actually create any impact so, we can just ignore them, or even write them off.
I sometimes think if the world is made of people like Seng Jae, I would be abnormal in their world, I would be mentally challenged in their eyes. Hence I don’t find any importance to categorize people as normal or abnormal anymore, it is just the matter of perspective.
Don’t these people talk about donation and charity when they don’t even have the heart to accommodate people with special needs around them.

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