It was quite some time ago that I attended an advertisement writing training, we were required to write a recruitment advertisement in one of the sessions, and the position to recruit was: SPOUSE

My team and I were cracking our head to come up with an impressive advertisement so that it attracted the right people…well you know, you would not want any ‘wrong’ people to apply for such an important position, rejecting them would already be a mere waste of time. So after writing the advert, we were asked to rate every advert that was targeted to us. My group being the youngest and unmarried female group received quite a few adverts. None but ONE had successfully seized our hearts (well maybe it was only mine), which sounded like this:
Safely & Securely,
Sincerely & Softly,
Supporting You Always.
9 Golden Reasons WHY
– Financially Sound
– Educated & Refined
– Good Conversationalist
– Strong Arms
– Like to pamper
– Well groomed & dashing
– Provide Care
– Loving always
– There in rain or shine
Wouldn’t your heart be melted by a guy like that? Sounded a little bit too good to be true, but we rated them very high and finally found out that it was from a group of middle-aged men. We had a real good laugh, but I like the advert so much that I am still keeping it.
What makes it so successful? I would think the reason is that it is emotionally engaging. It doesn’t only brag about what these guys have (good qualities and personalities), but also the ability to fulfill emotional needs (‘safely & securely…supporting you always’).
Emotion is very powerful. I often find once you could engage a person emotionally, you could build a person easily. On the other hand, you could also break a person.
So how would your advertisement look like?

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