Valentine’s day

Today is the day when you have extra lovey dovey couples walking around showing off their happiness, extra expensive roses and chocolates and teddy bears, secret-admirer pranks, and of course crowds. All the above do not affect me much, except for one, the facebook.

People, especially girls who receive gifts from their suitors or boyfriends, grab the opportunity to post their pictures of the gifts, with an extremely boastful caption: love you forever darling *muackss*~ well worse, some would even write a long winded note telling people how her boy (usually girls, so I use ‘her’) treats her so well, so tenderly, so lovingly…please keep that for your own use, the public is not very interested in you unless your name happens to be Kate Middleton.
On the other hand, people, especially girls again (not that I am anything against girls, I am a girl myself), single and very available, just like me, and waiting anxiously for their knight in the shining armor, take the opportunity to whine about how pitiful and lonely being singles, don’t believe me? Check your facebook and I am very certain you will see ‘sighzzz, another lonely valentine’s day’, ‘having valentine’s dinner alone…*sob*’ so on and so forth.
Come on, it is absolutely cool to be single ok??? We are not valued by whether we are taken or we are dating!!! Well I don’t think I am any less attractive than a girl who has a loving boyfriend, or my life is less interesting than a girl who has hot date.
I totally understand how bitterness and loneliness creep in from every single corner especially when you are surrounded by couples and you are all ALONE. My friend even advised me not to go anywhere tonight or else I will feel the love which does not belong to me. I take the advise and spend a great time with myself and God thinking all the blessings from God and thanking God, I am tired of playing victim and I am going to put a stop to bitterness.
To the couples, enjoy the day, it is all yours! May you stay happy and sweet forever, not only today. May your relationship grow stronger everyday. Do spent some time to remember single friends around you, pray for them that they enjoy the day as much as you do.
To the singles, enjoy the day, it is all yours! Do anything to show love to people around you and to yourself, you deserve more than staring at couples hand-in-hand and being beaten so badly by loneliness. If you are not looking for a partner, I am sure today is a great day to chill out after a long day of work or studies (tomorrow is a HOLIDAY, we love holidays don’t we). If you are looking for a partner, today is the best day to list your criteria you want in your partner, and share the list with God, seek His guidance, pray about it, and of course ask Him to make you a mature man or women who is after His heart before committing into a relationship. (that is what I did)
Next, I am going to grab my guitar, sing all the love songs with all my lungs out (hopefully the neighbours don’t mind since it is Valentine’s). Any song dedication? hehe
Have a sweet and blessed Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s day

  1. wahaha, ah zu..totally agree with what u've said! being single is not pity at all,really dun understand "those kind of girls", mayb they juz wana catch some single man's attention and have chance to go for a date,haha..i also spent this valentine alone, but i dun hav any sad feeling at all,still as normal,haha…


  2. haha, good to know that dear…life i getting busy but I still hope that u will enjoy every single moment in as a university student…stay pretty and happy k~


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