Happy New Year!!

‘I know this year will be a great year.’ I told almost everybody before 2011 comes, but I did not expect life would welcome me to the new year in that manner…

The mixture of feelings that I experience on the first few days of 2011 is extremely intense…sweet, sour, bitter…but most of all, I am feeling totally confused…and it is the worst feeling that one could ever get…
I keep telling myself that the issue is not that big to affect me, I deny the existence of the problem, I ignore the problem which is slowly eating my heart bit by bit…
I am not sure how much emotion I have to control before it erupts…but I will not falter, I will not give up either…I will keep believing, I will keep praying…
I might not look too well these few days, but I will persevere, and I will be fine soon…
With that, let me wish all of you a wonderful year 2011, as I always believe it is…

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