It happened on last Sunday
I was walking in KLCC Isetan
I didn’t wanna walk into it at first, but this Japanese fair had eventually attracted me, so I just thought of doing a quick window shopping and left.

So I was walking, looking around
I should reckon I looked quite lost, because I was later noticed by the promoter in kimono who had after that literally dragged me to the booth
I was quick enough to realize that was a cosmetic product booth before she started promoting the product fervently to me

“Miss do you use foundation?” it was her first question
“hmmm, ya…” “Well STOP using anymore, you know it is harmful to skin? It is all chemical, you know it makes your pores bigger?”

I was looking at her pores and blackheads on her nose and was contemplating whether should tell her to first not apply such heavy foundation
and the next second she was pointing at my nose

“Nah, you see, your pores so obvious!! It IS the effect of using foundation!!”

GOSH, she seemed to be happily stepping on my toes and ignoring the fact she ANNOYED me already with or without intention!!!

“and you know this later will cause pimples”
“I seldom have this problem” I told her
“haha, you would not know, it might appear one day on your face”

Hey, I was not bragging about my skin, I don’t always have acne because I have dry skin!!

and she continued “well, our compact BB cream is very good. It is not only foundation, it has got treatment. Come try!” She was holding my hands and applying the product at the back of my hand with a rather ‘not-so-clean’ sponge

*sorry I was so irritated that’s why I find all kinds of fault with her and her product*

and I actually tried to spot the name of the brand but could not see any, not even on the case of the compact BB cream…

“Is this a local brand?”
“Nope, from Korea but formulated in Japan”….hmm, no wonder they were wearing kimono (actually there were quite a number of them dragging every victim who walked pass the booth)

correct me if I am wrong, I always thought BB cream is known as Korean product (of course it is originated from Germany), then why does the product need to be formulated in Japan??

It will be much more convincing if they told it is from Germany.

“How much does it cost?”
“Oh, the normal price is RM 188, but now we are doing PROMOTION so it is RM 145?”

APA????RM 145????

BB cream from Skin79 also is not that expensive oo…some more I really don’t know what super brand this is…she didn’t bother to tell me in the first place, and I also didn’t bother to ask her…

“Hmm, I am actually very skeptical towards this kind of all-in-one product, I can never imagine how cosmetic can replace skin care products.”

She stopped. I knew she was annoyed. *HAHA*

“Miss, you also use foundation lohhhh, why not use this, got treatment one some more…I didn’t mean it can replace skin care la, but better for your skin lohhhh”

Oh my dear, just stop convincing me this if you yourself don’t know the product well. Don’t expect me to splurge on this just because of the unknown ‘treatment’

“Or can I have the leaflets (I saw she was holding some) first? If I am interested I will definitely contact you.”

“No Miss, you must try our product first. Then only you know how good…”

I shook my head (Note: I smiled) and left.

Bad bad experience.

Very unprofessional way of promoting.

1st, she commented negatively about my skin (ooii pantang loorrr, if wanna comment about my looks better don’t do it in front of me)
2nd, she informed nothing about the brand (maybe I katak bawah tempurung, I have never heard about it, but it is the promoter’s responsibility to inform the customers about the brand)
3rd, she failed to provide sufficient information about the product (she didn’t tell what ingredients that are in the product which help to improve the skin, just kept saying ‘treatment’ only)
4th, she argued with the customer (I told her about my skin, she should just tell what other benefit I could gain besides reducing pimples instead of arguing with me!!)

maybe you would like to stop by at the booth and help me check what brand that is. I am really interested to know the brand that pays people to ruin its name.


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