I had a miserable weekend.

Saturday morning.
I was standing on my bed to clean the web on the wall, the next second I was falling down from the bed


I sprained my ankle

“Good gracious!!!How am I supposed to go for class!!!!”


“How am I supposed to go for work”

Haiya, don’t care, this small pain won’t stop me from all these. So I get myself prepared and went for class (with bus and LRT, never noticed it could be that torturing when you have pain on your ankle)


In the class, I didn’t understand a single thing discussed.
That was when I seriously felt like strangling myself.
Suddenly I felt water dripping on my hand
oh, I cried…

I was not sure it was because of the pain or the class, but I knew I had to leave.

“Sir, I have to go, I am not well” and the lecturer nodded, so I took a taxi to UM, as I had promised to pay a visit to the choir team before the competition.


I was siting on the chair feeling extremely useless watching the choir singing and could not give any comment

I was supposed to guide them or encourage them or at least motivate them (as a former choir member) especially at this crucial time

I was not asked to be there just to warm the chair.

and this stupid ankle was bothering me, it was swollen, looked like a pig’s leg

ooooo no, I am now really a big fat pig, please call me pig!!


Sunday morning
Just woke up.
It was already 10 something.
I was sneezing and sneezing non-stop and water keep flowing from my nostril
and I was having sore thaort!!

hahaha, 2nd present of the week–“flu”

applause please!!!

met Maggy on the corridor before heading to the clinic with Meyi, told her what had happened to me, and she cruelly said: “Ya la, no boy friend is like that one!!”

Cis, who says boy friend is the solution of all misery, if having boy friend can rescue me from all the adversity I would wanna have a dozen, just like insurance policy.

Well I still got Meyi~ (Meyi thank you so so much leh!!!)

Reached clinic and waited for almost an hour, finally the doctor wanted to see me

“you flu?”
“ya, and my leg”
“aiyo, how did this happen?!”
“hmmm, fell down from bed”
“wah, you must be dreaming of your prince charming, not vampire I guess?”


how I wish I could see twlight now, because I could only see darkness around me

after lunch, back to my place

slept the whole day (not the whole day though, woke up and slept and woke up again…)


today MC, woke up in the morning with a great headache
slept the whole day again (again not literally the whole day, but woke up and slept and woke up again)

now of course feeling so much better, still having the pig’s leg with me, a slight headache, but thank God no more running nose

Things I don’t like about the weekend:
all the above
plus, no more heels for me until my ankle is recovered, got to remain as 153 cm for a period of time…

Things I like about the weekend:
people who had helped me through the weekend (Meyi, Da Ying, Kian Wah, Roger, Tiang), or else my life would be even more terrible without all of you
the great improvement shown in the choir team
oooo the song La Camisa Negra, finally I know your name, have been searching for you for long (thanks Da Ying for the title)
and caring messages from friends and colleagues

I am all alright now since I can blog, at least my verbal ability is obviously not affected.
Chinese says “大难不死 必有后福” I had survived a catastrophe, so now just need to redeem the blessing.


3 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. hey senior…Hope ur doing well ee…saw ur post ere…actually we were glad to c u guys came back to support the choir team,even ur just sitting thr,(becuz u r injured wert),we r still going to do our best one…=) rmb last time u went back to 7th during choir intensive camp?=)Still wanna say thank you again,hope this 4th placing din make u all disppoint…>.<^^c ya n take good care=)


  2. hi Winney, I m always proud of being part of the team and always proud of the team…u never disappoint me, i know all of u have put up a great performance, because u sang it with the most sincere voices…look forward to next year, I earnestly believe the future leader, which is ur batch will establish a strong team with that spirit, keep on moving


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