Please repeat it as least THREE times

Joe Vitale tells that repetition is powerful in the book ‘Hypnotic Writing’

He gave an example of how his girlfriend used the hypnotic power of repetition on him:

‘…my girlfriend leans over to me, looks me right in the eye, and asks, ‘Do you know I love you?’
I quickly nod and smile. Yes, of course, I know she loves me.
She doesn’t blink an eye. She again looks at me and says, ‘Do you know I love you?’
I laugh a little nervously. ‘Yes, I know it,’ I reply.
She doesn’t stop. She again says, ‘Do you know I love you?’
I’m silent this time. Now I’m *really* hearing her.
Suddenly my heart wells up with emotion. I feel an overwhelming amount of love in my chest. I look at my girlfriend and really-truly get-that she loves me. It’s a moment I’ll never forget…’

I say the girl must have read John 21 before she went for the date!!

Jesus asked Peter the question ‘Do you truly love me?’ three times repeatedly. I wonder if Peter had felt exactly the same as Joe Vitale when Jesus asked him the question for the 3rd time. However one thing that is for sure, it must have evoked the strongest emotion in Peter which transformed him from a craven who denied Jesus for three times (also three) to the head of the church and finally a martyr.

This communication technique has been proven tremendously effective. So please repeat the sentence at least three times, and wait for the great results.


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