Me and Mr Darcy

“Do not be in a hurry, the right man will come at last – Jane Austen”

The quote printed at the one of the few pages of the book Me and Mr Darcy has attracted me, and I ended up buying it and spending most of my last weekend reading it.

It talks about a 29-year-old single girl dreaming of meeting and dating with Mr Darcy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice after having all the bad dates. The story is very simple and entertaining. Suitable to be read for fun. However the use of f letter word and s letter word is very frequent, which surprised me because I discovered the book under ‘teenage novels’ category in POPULAR…hmmm….

The book has once again reminded me of this ever-popular hero of Jane Austen, Mr Darcy whom has impressed me a lot when I first read Pride and Prejudice in my school days. I’d forgotten most part of the plot, but I can still remember how happy I was when Elizabeth has finally accepted Mr Darcy’s second proposal. Mr Darcy himself is already the main attraction of the book. He is good-looking, noble, wealthy, ‘complicated’ and cool…he does not simply reveal his emotions to people, therefore he touches the hearts of million readers when he confessed his feelings towards Elizabeth (and got rejected for the first time…so kesian~)

I am not sure I am the only one realizing this, a lot of the heroes (especially the Japanese shows) have similar characteristics as Mr Darcy, like Shinichi Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile…(there are a lot more of them, just that this is the only drama/anime I could think of the exact name of at the moment). They are handsome, smart, rich, cold and the dream guy of every girl, and they always meet the right one whose personality is totally opposite of theirs to change them. So it is not difficult to see that the shadow of Mr Darcy is still with the perfect-date-hero even in among the asian.


Anyway there are a few fantastic sentences from Me and Mr Darcy which I think are so so true:

-Just imagine being in a world where men didn’t steal your cab, cheat on you or have an addiction to Internet porn, but were chivalrous, devoted and honourable.

– Men these days don’t stride. They shuffle and trail….hands slung low in their pockets, shoulders hunched, feet dragging.

– Jane Austen always made her heroines feisty. They stuck by their principles, went after what they wanted, were not afraid to admit when they were wrong. Not doing anything can be worse than doing the wrong thing.

– women might have embraced feminism, but they still adore a show of chivalry. So the next time you’re tempted to bag that seat on the Tube, stand up and let the lady sit down- a few open doors, it seems, go a long way…

See?? true or not…

Among all, I still love the quote from Jane Austen the most…


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