Love Story

went for training today and heard an extremely bizarre love story

There was a guy who had a wife and a girl friend at the same time. He and his girl friend were not working, and hence they faced lots of problems in life. In order to solve all the problems, the guy came out with a brilliant idea, which was to ask the girl friend to come to his apartment when his wife was away, and to jump down from the window of his apartment which was at 7th floor. So then he could claim from the girl’s insurance company.

The girl did it, and died…all because of love…


after the training, I was told another love story…

There was a young guy who was paralyzed after an accident. His future was all destroyed in just a split of second. The worse was he had just met the right girl and began the relationship very recently. He told the girl to leave him and to look for a better guy who could promise her a future. The girl was stubborn. She didn’t give up on the relationship and kept taking care of him. After a few years they got married. Now the guy owned his own business. He was even invited to give motivation speech to thousands of people…

that is love…

Love keeps no record of wrongs and always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always preserves. (1 Corinthians 14:5 & 7). Love is indeed a powerful tool. It can either take away someone’s life or give someone life.

Girls love to love and to be loved…that’s why they always do amazing things (really ‘amazing’ things) for love…if any guy found the girl who loves him genuinely, he should appreciate her from the bottom of his heart, for the girl will trust him for life…


After listening to these kisah benar love stories, I felt I was dancing down the street with a cloud at my feet (according to Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” that was a sign of being in LOVE!!!)

…..unfortunately that was the love from the virus, having a bad flu now….

oooo, I am so so loved by the virus….and of course by the Lord who heals me….please wish me a speedy recovery from flu….


2 thoughts on “Love Story

  1. cant avoid listening to it since it is always played…that's why i purposely put the title as suchGo listen to Dean Martin's 'That's Amore' (which I believe u had), I love it!


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